Tips for creating a kid’s study area

Parents everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief this week as the school holidays draw to a close, but homework looms large, and now’s a great time for setting up a study space to help family life run smoothly well into the new academic year.

Seek your kid’s opinion…do they want to study with the family nearby or in the peace and quiet of their room. Have they any preferences to colours, themes, etc. what storage options do they prefer…

Consider simply designed, neutral furniture…re-cycled, up-cycled or new…a desk and comfortable chair are all you need initially.

Lighting is a must! An adjustable lamp can be positioned depending on the task. Attach it to the wall to free up valuable desk space too.

Make tidying up and storage easy for the kids to use…a small stack of boxes or baskets can be shoved under the desk when studies are done for the day.

A pegboard offers a display area for homework schedules, school activities and other useful information, but can also provide an inspirational backdrop for personal interests and creative projects.

You gotta face it…technology is a must for successful studies these days, so check there’s sufficient electrical sockets nearby for powering up the smartphone, tablet, ipod, laptop, etc…!


And there you have it…six simple ideas to help create a kid’s study space…you’re on your own with the times-table though.



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