A tiny bedroom throws up big challenges

Is it easier to design the layout of a tiny bedroom with limited options, or a large room with too many choices? That was the dilemma facing Dreams and Wishes designer, Diana, when confronted with five-year-old Lily’s teeny-tiny bedroom recently.

Having taken dimensions Diana discovered the room was barely big enough to house a single bed, let alone provide space for storage, and the existing furniture was mis-matched and overly-sized, adding to the cluttered and cramped feel.

‘Almost immediately I felt the only option was to add a tower bed…’ says Diana, ‘…that way the space underneath could be used for all Lily’s storage needs, whilst freeing up space in front of the window’.

Diana also suggested, if the budget allowed, for the bed to be custom-made, so that it fitted snugly in the space available and the storage options adapted to suit.

In fact, it was envisaged that Lily’s clothes could be hung from a rail whilst the bulk of her toys and accessories could be stored in decorative stacking boxes, all out of the way! Lily’s mum then came up with the idea of a lightweight curtain to hide everything behind…Perfect…!

With the space below the bed used more effectively, Lily still had space for shelving above the bed to house some of her favourite toys and books…something that Mum was keen to preserve.

Finally, it was agreed the addition of window film across the lower half of the window would ensure privacy without restricting light during the day, while a simple Roman blind, fitted into the recess, would give a cosy, warm feel at night.

So there you have it! A small space can be as tricky to put together as a large room…often requiring some ingenious solutions that aren’t always available on the ‘High Street’.

If you’d like to know more about the Dreams and Wishes interior design service please contact Diana via the website.

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