One Stop Shop Interior Inspiration – H&M Home

In the first of a series of kid’s room schemes, created from the offerings of a single retailer, Diana has picked one of her personal favourites, H&M Home.

I should make it very clear from the outset that I’m not being sponsored or supported by H&M Home for this, although I will admit to being a fan of their collections and do have a few (paid for) items in my home.

This is more about establishing whether you can create a stylish kid’s room design from one retail outlet…whilst maintaining a sense of individuality…and having a bit of window-shopping fun in the process.

H&M Home appeals for it’s clean graphic style, muted colour-schemes and value for money…that and the apparent staying power of the fabrics used for their soft furnishings..! My dogs have put cushions and throws through their paces on numerous occasions, with little damage…so I’m pretty confident they’ll survive kid’s rough-and-tumble too.

The strong monochrome theme running through the current collection is a perennial favourite for kid’s room design…and simple patterns in spots and stripes keeps the range from dating too quickly.

The final edit contains products from right across the range and, by limiting the number of kid-specific items, it’s a scheme that’ll require little updating, saving time and money in the long-run.

This scheme would work best with an all-white backdrop and neutral wood flooring to best enhance the black contrasts and natural elements of the products chosen.

My favourite piece..? The Retro Curve Art Print…a modern take on the rainbow motif.

1 Retro Curve Art Print – £30, Hanging Rack – £2.99, Round Jute Rug – £24.99, Storage Baskets – £14.99, Hopscotch Cotton Rug – £17.99, Moss Stitch Cotton Blanket – £17.99, Stay Wild Cushion Cover – £3.99, Height Chart – £12.99, Bamboo Pendant – £34.99, 10 Cotton Storage Basket – £17.99, 11 Patterned Duvet Set – £17.99.

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