Back from a dark place…and daring to dream once more.

Six months ago my world turned upside down…when my elderly father succumbed to the early stages of dementia.

Having been his live-in carer for over four years I was suddenly ‘surplus to requirements’ as his sister pitched up from Australia, intent on obtaining any financial advantage she could before Dad became too ill to be successfully manipulated.

It’s a complicated set of circumstances…but then these situations very often are, aren’t they?

Effectively, I was given just ten days to leave my home and say a permanent ‘good-bye’ to my Dad.

He’s not the man I used to know…anyone who’s seen a loved-one blighted by this awful disease will tell you the same…but without the vicious intervention of his sister, things could have been so very different.

He’s now alone. While his sister has gone back home to Australia, oblivious to the sad, vulnerable state she’s left him in…and the authorities, who should have pulled their fingers out long ago, continue to ignore my Dad’s plight…because of funding cuts!

I’ve fought tooth-and-nail to help my Dad…albeit from a distance…so far to no avail.

It seems, for now anyway, that a virtual stranger, who’s been resident abroad for over fifty years, can walk into our lives, under the very noses of legal and medical experts, and break a family apart in days.

Thankfully, those dark, early days are behind me now. I found out just how wonderful my friends are, and I’m now in a new home of my own…ready to resume my business and, hopefully, bring a little joy and happiness into the worlds of you, my customers.

My Dad’s worst days, I fear, are yet to come, but I’ve not given up hope that my continued protestations reach someone who can yet save him in time.

As for his sister, she will always have something missing in her life…she’ll never know the delight that comes from the unconditional love and affection of others…and I suspect the oh-so-obvious bitter chip on her shoulder will weigh her down till her dying day.

A very sad situation all round and, I hope you can understand, a situation that has taken me a long time to overcome, hence the apparent lack of activity at Dreams and Wishes in a while.

Time now though to concentrate on the positives and the building of this little business once more. Hope you’ll stick with me for the journey.

And thank you for listening…



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